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Feel like you are being held back? Not seen?

You've worked hard to carve out your career. You create huge value for your organisation, and yet, other mediocre performers are being promoted around you.

Honestly, some days you worry you aren't being taken seriously at all.

You still have so much more to give, but some days you doubt your own capability and you worry about potential push back or rejection when you think about talking with your boss about what you should do next, the last thing you need is to come across as 'pushy' or 'troublesome'.

The whole idea of speaking up and taking this to the next level can be nerve wracking.

Gender biases in the workplace are real. They lead to the gender wage gap and glass ceilings. If you want to secure a more senior position in your organisation or industry and you are keen to lead others, you need to know how to negotiate your way through.

This network supports you to develop acute negotiation skills in a safe learning envrionment to prepare you for career changing conversations.


"I wanted to share with you today that I finally braved asking my supervisor for both a position reclassification and a position title change. I'm feeling positive about it and pleased (and relieved!) that I've finally raised it. I should have done so a few years ago. Thank you for your generous sharing of your experience and expertise - it really helped me to prepare for and have the conversation."

~ Manager from Tertiary Education

You are the driver of your career and the income it generates

Where this all goes is totally in your hands. Your career will be informed by the choices you make, and how confidently you show up in the workplace

But know this. If you are sitting there feeling like you would rather stick pins in your eyeballs than have a conversation with your boss about better pay and conditions, you are perfectly normal.

As women, we are socialised to be "good girls' and not focus on us or put ourselves first. We know from a very early age that there is a social downside to 'bragging' about ourselves and for asking for what we want.

So of course we avoid it! We just accept what comes our way.

But the cost of avoidance is HUGE.

Optimise your earnings throughout your career

As your trusted Negotiation Navigator, I will support you as you build your confidence and negotiating skills

Regardless of what stage of your career you are in, or how old you are, you will need to negotiate well to optimise your earnings and superannuation at each career stage.

Maximising your earnings buys you and your family security and real freedom to live the life you want.

I can work alongside you help you to leverage your expertise, maximise your earnings and creating fabulous career opportunities and fulfilling work.


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Real world experience

Real, applied, practical, executive experience.

Real life experience coupled with an unusually varied work background has developed my Negotiating Navigator skills. My superpower is my ability to explore possible solutions to problems under pressure. And as an executive leader I have been coaching my staff to do this for twenty years.

On top of that, I have some terrific Negotiation Navigator flight miles under my belt.

Over the last twenty years I have negotiated literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts, tens of millions of dollars worth of commercial settlement agreements, and multiple six figure salaries, bonuses and a wide range of non-cash benefits for myself and others.

I do this using collaborative negotiation methods.

Best of all, I can teach you to do the same.

Unlock your negotiating potential

Grow your understanding of "The Art of Asking"

Negotiating can be a little daunting. That's why I created the Negotiation Edge Network. It is a bundle of the online workshops, videos, exercises and workbooks, paid via a monthly or annual subscription.

You can book into the workshops that best suit your circumstance during the months that best suit you.


Smashing the gender pay gap one negotiation at a time


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